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Clearly, the kaiseki style, vegetables and protein first, carbs-last strategy isn't going to work if you're eating a hamburger. You could, of course, dissect your hamburger and eat each macronutrient separately, but that'll cause people to shun you and whisper behind your back for the rest of your life.

However, given a normal, sit-down dinner situation, having your carbs last, while not necessarily ideal taste-bud wise, is pretty easy to do. Salad or non-starchy vegetable side dish first, followed by your meat course and finished off with your rice or potatoes or pasta.

I don't necessarily think that you have to eat ALL your vegetables before you have a bite of protein. I suspect you could achieve the same ends if you had a few forkfuls of vegetables and then had a bite or two of meat before going back to the vegetables. Neither do I think you need to emulate Shukla's protocol where you wait 10 minutes before starting to eat the next course; that isn't practical. It would also lead to that shunning thing I talked about.

Oh, and the soup that precedes the traditional kaiseki-style meal? It's nice but probably not necessary. If you do embrace that part of the tradition, don't make it a noodle or rice soup – broth or vegetable soup only.

The most important lesson to be learned from the kaiseki style of eating and Shukla's experiments is simply to eat your carbs last. This simple strategy could well allow you to stay insulin sensitive and keep your waistline trim, in addition to avoiding premature aging.

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