T-Nation Is the Coregasm Real?

In the past, many women have been baffled about this phenomenon. About 20 percent said they couldn't control their experiences and were reluctant to train in a public gym. Many felt guilty or thought something was wrong with them.

This study shows that it's very common, and except for being, well, weird, it's not a sign that anything is wrong.

What triggers a coregasm? There's no exact answer from science yet, but it may have something to do with "pelvic floor recoil" or contractions of the Kegel muscles. It's more likely to happen after the body is warmed-up since blood vessels have been pre-dilated by exercise.

So if a female wants to experience a coregasm, get a sweat going, then hit some leg raises and "lower" ab exercises. If not, stick to "upper" ab exercises.

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