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Fitness Volt Top 13 Best Olive Leaf Extract Supplements of 2021

Top 13 Best Olive Leaf Extract Supplements of 2021

The Complete Guide to Olive Leaf Extracts

Ash, ACE, MScAsh, ACE, MSc
Reviewed by Ash, ACE, MSc
Last updated on February 23rd, 2021
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Almost all the parts of an olive tree have some medicinal value. It’s no wonder then that the tree has been a part of traditional medicine in the Middle East and Mediterranean cultures for hundreds of years.

Today, more people are discovering the benefits of the extract from its leaves. Several products have flooded the market with supplements, so it gets confusing.

That’s why we studied the most popular among them and picked the best olive leaf extract supplements this year, making it more convenient to choose one.

Best Olive Leaf Extract Supplements Ranked

1. Gaia Herbs Olive Leaf

Our Editor’s Choice award unanimously goes to Gaia Herbs Olive Leaf. It gets approval of all our editors for sourcing ingredients from its top-notch farm and ticking all the right boxes. Buyers seem to agree as they also got the highest ratings from more people.

  • Relatively high 100mg oleuropein dose
  • The company has its own farm, ensuring the freshest ingredients
  • Highest satisfaction rating from users
  • Purely vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free

Gaia Herbs Olive LeafGaia Herbs Olive LeafGaia Herbs Olive Leaf

With ingredients sourced directly from organically grown plants on their farm, the company has tight control of its products’ quality.

To counter the olive leaf extract’s bitterness and make it more pleasant to swallow, they added vegetable glycerin as a sweetener.

100mg of oleuropein from two capsules daily isn’t the highest dosage, but buyer satisfaction ratings for this product are pretty high.


  • Two servings per day of 680mg with 7.35% or 50mg oleuropein
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Organically grown farm products
  • Purely vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free


  • With a twice-daily dosage, 60 capsules are only enough for a month
  • May be expensive for some


  • Olive Leaf Extract – standard extract (Olea europaea) 680mg, containing 7.35% or 50mg oleuropein
  • Vegetable Glycerin – serves as a sweetener
  • Hypromellose – vegetable capsule
  • Water


4.8 of 5

Who Makes It?

Gaia Herbs has been operating in the US herbal scene for over 30 years. The company grows its plants on the Gaia Farm located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Brevard, North Carolina.

That farm is where the company organically grows its annual seed bank with sustainable methods. It has rich alluvial soil and is in one of the most biodiverse regions in NA.

They have a long experience producing the highest quality plant yields and managing the supply chain, from the farm to the store shelves.

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2. Solgar Olive Leaf Extract

Solgar Olive Leaf ExtractSolgar Olive Leaf ExtractSolgar Olive Leaf Extract

It’s the only one of two products here that use equal parts of olive leaf extract and powder. The product contains around 13.5mg oleuropein, but it’s unclear how much the powder has.

The company also mixed it with a patented PhytO2X Blend that contains beta-carotene and vitamin C. However, some people might only be looking for the benefits of a pure extract.

The bottle contains 180 capsules that are good for two months on a recommended daily intake of three after meals.


  • Non-GMO high-quality natural ingredients
  • It’s gluten-free
  • Contains no allergens
  • Has no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives
  • Has a “special” PhytO2X Blend with vitamin C and beta-carotene


  • Some people may only want pure olive leaf extract and little else
  • Small 40mg oleuropein daily dose from three capsules


  • Olive Leaf Extract – standard extract 225mg, oleuropein 13.5mg (6%)
  • Olive Leaf Powder 225mg
  • Vegetable Cellulose – filler and bulking agent
  • Vegetable Magnesium Stearate – acts as a disintegrating binder
  • Silica – used as binder anticaking agent
  • PhytO2X Blend – L-ascorbic acid, natural beta-carotene


4.8 of 5

Who Makes It?

All Solgar products are manufactured in-house in their state-of-the-art facility in Leonia, New Jersey, backed by the company’s more than 70 years of experience. It sells over 450 nutritional supplements in collaboration with retailers worldwide.

It produces the products in small batches and shuns artificial ingredients and preservatives to ensure the highest quality and freshness.

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3. Pure Encapsulations Olive Leaf Extract

Pure Encapsulations Olive Leaf Extract 1Pure Encapsulations Olive Leaf Extract 1Pure Encapsulations Olive Leaf Extract

As its name suggests, the Pure Encapsulations company uses only organic olive leaves sourced from the Mediterranean to ensure purity and potency.

Their primary selling points are hypoallergenic products free of gluten, artificial preservatives, and ingredients.


  • Up to 150mg daily dose of oleuropein from two capsules
  • 120 capsules are equivalent to a 2-month supply
  • Purely vegan product
  • No magnesium stearates
  • Free of gluten
  • Zero artificial sweeteners, flavors, and color
  • Third-party tested for quality


  • A bit expensive


  • Olive Leaf Extract – 500mg standardized to 15% oleuropein
  • Cellulose – vegetarian capsule mixed with water
  • Hypoallergenic Plant Powder – used as filler


4.8 of 5

Who Makes It?

Pure Encapsulations produces nutritional supplements in its state-of-the-art plant in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

The facility is GMP certified in both the US and Canada and has humidity, dust, and temperature-controlled rooms. It also sterilizes all its equipment before producing each batch.

Furthermore, independent certified labs test the raw materials and finished capsules for quality assurance.

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4. NOW Foods Olive Leaf Extract

Now Foods Olive Leaf ExtractNow Foods Olive Leaf ExtractNow Foods Olive Leaf Extract

Now Foods recommends three capsules a day after every meal, but it depends on your needs. That’s the beauty of a small dosage because it allows you to adjust your intake as necessary.

Each bottle contains 120 capsules, with three giving you 90mg oleuropein daily for 40 days. However, you can get them on the cheap.


  • The recommended daily dose of up to three capsules provides 90mg oleuropein
  • Non-GMO supplement
  • Free of gluten
  • Free of allergens
  • Very affordable


  • Three times a day dosing will make a bottle last only 40 days


  • Olive Leaf Extract – 500mg standardized to 6% or 30mg oleuropein
  • Hypromellose – vegetable cellulose capsule
  • Stearate acid – vegetable binder
  • Silicon Dioxide – serves as a flow agent


4.7 of 5

Who Makes It?

NOW Foods relies on its more than half a century of experience producing natural supplements in their top-notch GMP-certified facilities in Bloomingdale, Illinois.

The company develops and tests its products in eight in-house laboratories to validate their potency and purity.

Besides allowing it to stay in the cutting-edge of innovation, the labs let it manufacture faster and with less cost. That makes it possible to offer products with a higher value.

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5. Nature’s Way Olive Leaf Premium Extract

Nature S Way Premium Herbal Olive LeafNature S Way Premium Herbal Olive LeafNature S Way Premium Herbal Olive Leaf

This premium extract version from Nature’s Way contains 20% or 50mg oleuropein per 250mg capsule. While it might seem a tad small, you can up the dosage as necessary.

On the downside, there are only 60 capsules per bottle. Not to worry, though, because they’re very affordable.


  • 50mg or 20% oleuropein content per 250mg daily dose
  • 60 capsules will last you two months
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Non-GMO substances
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial colors, flavoring, and preservatives
  • Very affordable


  • 250mg might be too small for some


  • Olive Leaf Extract – standard extract 250mg containing 20% or 50mg oleuropein
  • Hypromellose – vegetarian capsule
  • Magnesium Stearate – acts as the disintegrating binder
  • Silica – used as an anticaking agent


4.7 of 5

Who Makes It?

Nature’s Way is a long-trusted company in the herbal industry and has been in operation for more than 50 years. The company’s focus is on product safety and effectiveness.

Its headquarters is in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and it also has an office in Minneapolis. It maintains a distribution center in Nevada.

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6. Oregon’s Wild Harvest Olive Leaf

Oregon S Wild Harvest Olive LeafOregon S Wild Harvest Olive LeafOregon S Wild Harvest Olive Leaf

Oregon’s Wild Harvest prepares all their products in small batches to ensure optimum potency.

Each bottle contains 90 310mg capsules that would last about three months based on one recommended daily dose.

The company claims it has 18% oleuropein content, but that would make it higher than 40mg indicated on the label.


  • Contains high 40mg oleuropein
  • Non-GMO ingredients only
  • Has no artificial flavors and colors
  • Doesn’t contain stearates
  • Free of any allergens


  • The dose is rather small even with high oleuropein content


  • Olive Leaf Extract – 310mg
  • Olive Leaf Powder – 40mg standardized to 18% oleuropein
  • Dextrin – serves as the binder
  • Silicon Dioxide – used as a flow agent
  • Gelatin – non-GMO bovine source


4.7 of 5

Who Makes It?

Oregon’s Wild Harvest is a family-owned and managed herbal supplement company that’s been in operation for more than 25 years.

As the company’s name implies, the family that owns it has a farm in Oregon. They grow various herbs organically using sustainable methods resulting in the highest quality yields.

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7. Solaray Olive Leaf

Solaray Olive LeafSolaray Olive LeafSolaray Olive Leaf

Solaray Olive Leaf has a potent 22% or 55 mg oleuropein content in one 240mg capsule. While the recommended dosage is small, you can take two if necessary.

The 120 capsules should last you two months if taken two times a day.


  • Has 120 capsules
  • Gives 110mg dose of oleuropein if taken twice daily
  • 100% vegetable supplement
  • Vegetable supplement


  • A bit expensive for the dosage you get
  • Contains rice fillers
  • May have too many ingredients for some


  • Olive Leaf Extract – 250mg standardized to 22% or 55mg of oleuropein
  • Lemon Balm – 85mg stress reliever and lowers triglycerides
  • Cellulose – vegetable capsule material
  • Whole Rice Concentrate – used as filler
  • Maltodextrin – used as a binder and preservative
  • Organic Rice Extract Blend – alternative to stearates
  • Silica – serves as an anticaking agent


4.7 of 5

Who Makes It?

Solaray has almost 50 years of experience in producing high-quality supplements from Utah. It boasts of numerous awards from health magazines.

It currently supplies over 1000 nutritional supplements, vitamins, and herbal products.

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8. Paradise Herbs Olive Leaf

Paradise Olive LeafParadise Olive LeafParadise Olive Leaf

Paradise Herbs Olive Leaf is a no-frills olive leaf extract supplement.

Because there are only two ingredients, it ensures zero GMO, gluten, allergens, and artificial ingredients and preservatives.

Paradise also claims the plants grew without any pesticides and chemical fertilizers.


  • Each bottle has 120 capsules
  • A simple vegetarian capsule containing only the extract
  • Contains only pure extract without additives or fillers


  • Small dose despite containing 18% oleuropein


  • Olive Leaf Extract – 250mg standardized to 18% or 45mg oleuropein
  • Cellulose – vegetarian capsule material


4.5 of 5

Who Makes It?

Paradise Herbs has its roots in Chinese herbal medicine and has produced ultra-pure products for over 25 years.

It manufactures hundreds of organic top-notch herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals, and ships them to over 2,500 stores worldwide.

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9. Bluebonnet Olive Leaf Herb Extract

Bluebonnet Olive Leaf Herb ExtractBluebonnet Olive Leaf Herb ExtractBluebonnet Olive Leaf Herb Extract

Although the recommended serving is only one capsule a day, it may not be enough for some.

Each bottle comes with 60 capsules, enough to provide a daily 108mg dose of oleuropein if taken twice daily. However, the supply would only last a month.


  • Vegetable supplement
  • Is affordable


  • One bottle containing 60 capsules is only suitable for a month if taken twice a day


  • Olive Leaf Extract – 300mg standardized to 18% 54mg oleuropein
  • Cellulose – for the vegetable capsule
  • Silica – acts as an anticaking agent
  • Magnesium Stearate – acts as a binder that disintegrates easily


4.5 of 5

Who Makes It?

Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation has been around for almost three decades, creating nutritional supplements that are as natural and organic as possible.

It’s a family-owned company that runs a state-of-the-art GMP-certified manufacturing facility out of Texas.

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10. Designs for Health Olive Leaf Extract

Designs For Health Olive Leaf ExtractDesigns For Health Olive Leaf ExtractDesigns For Health Olive Leaf Extract

This olive leaf extract made by Designs for Health is another simple one with only a vegetable capsule and stearate binder.

However, each of the 90 capsules has a potent 20% or 100mg oleuropein dose, enough for a daily serving. That’s about three month’s supply at a reasonable price.


  • 500mg with potent 20% or 100mg oleuropein content
  • Non-GMO substances
  • Vegetarian supplement
  • Gluten and Soy-free
  • 90 capsules good for three months
  • Very reasonable price


  • Not for those who need a small dose


  • Olive Leaf Extract – 500mg standardized to contain 20% oleuropein
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose – used as a filler and bulking agent
  • Vegetable stearate – for the binder


4.4 of 5

Who Makes It?

Designed for Health has been formulating superior and researched-backed nutritional products since 1989.

“Science First” is its guiding philosophy in creating and supplying excellent nutritional supplements for health care practitioners and consumers.

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11. Healths Harmony Olive Leaf Extract

Healths Harmony Olive Leaf ExtractHealths Harmony Olive Leaf ExtractHealths Harmony Olive Leaf Extract

Healths Harmony olive leaf extract is another viable option for those looking for an olive leaf extract supplement.

But each dose provides a beneficial 750mg dose of olive leaf extract and it’s packed with health-supporting polyphenols and antioxidants.

According to the brand’s write-up, “you’d have to sip olive oil by the cup to achieve the same effect“.

It’s a GMO-free, GMP-certified, and lab-verified product that provides a quality olive leaf extract to potentially maintain factors of your health. It’s also a USA-made product.


  • Potent 20% extract with 150mg oleuropein content
  • 1-a-day formula
  • Packed with polyphenols and antioxidants
  • Non-GMO substances
  • Vegetarian supplement
  • Lab-verified formula
  • Very reasonable price


  • Few complaints about quality


  • Olive Leaf (20% extract) standardized to contain 150mg of oleuropein)
  • Vegetable Cellulose – natural dietary fiber
  • Vegetable magnesium stearate – food additive
  • Silicon dioxide – anti-caking agent
  • Chlorophyll – natural green pigment found in vegetables


4.3 of 5

Who Makes It?

Healths Harmony began in 2014 and has always aimed to provide high-quality natural products and customer service. Their products contain natural ingredients and nothing that would be harmful.

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12. NusaPure Olive Leaf Extract

Nusa Pure Olive Leaf ExtractNusa Pure Olive Leaf ExtractNusa Pure Olive Leaf Extract

Musapure olive leaf caps contain 750mg of olive leaf extract at 50% and 375mg of oleuropein content.

It’s a vegetarian-friendly, gluten-free, non-GMO, natural product assembled in the USA.

We’re confident that that product delivers!


  • 750mg with potent 50% extract and 375mg oleuropein content
  • Non-GMO substances
  • Vegetarian supplement
  • Gluten-free
  • Very reasonable price


  • Few complaints about quality/stomach discomfort


  • Olive Leaf 50% extract (standardized to contain 375mg of oleuropein)
  • Cellulose (capsule)
  • Silica -anti-caking agent
  • Rice flour – thickening agent


4.4 of 5

Who Makes It?

NusaPure is a small family-owned business that has built a solid reputation from sourcing the best ingredients to minimize the risk of getting bunk or ineffective and low-potency products.

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13. Toniiq Elevated Olive leaf Extract

Toniiq Elevated Olive Leaf ExtractToniiq Elevated Olive Leaf ExtractToniiq Elevated Olive Leaf Extract

Aside from having a unique brand name and look, Toniiq olive leaf is labeled an ultra-high potency. In fact, one capsule supposedly contains the equivalent of twenty-two raw olive leaf power capsules, making it one of the most potent options on the market.

Not to mention, the formula has enhanced bioavailability that increases absorption of ingredients.

With each capsule, you get 500mg of olive leaf extract at 50% standardized to contain 250mg of oleuropein.

From the brand, “Toniiq combines age-old natural health solutions with advancements in extraction technology.

The ingredients are sourced from family-owned farms and lab-tested to ensure purity and potency.


  • 500mg with potent 50% or 250mg oleuropein content
  • Non-GMO substances
  • Vegetarian supplement
  • Lab-tested formula
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • No additional preservatives
  • Very reasonable price


  • Few complaints about quality and few issues with stomach discomfort


  • Olive Leaf 50% extract (standardized to contain 250mg of oleuropein)
  • Vegetable capsule (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
  • Vegetable Cellulose – natural dietary fiber
  • Vegetable magnesium stearate – food additive
  • Silicon dioxide – anti-caking agent


4.4 of 5

Who Makes It?

Accelerating the transition to longer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives sums up the mission of the brand.

What does Toniiq (pronounced Tonique) mean? “Toniiq is an homage to two fathers of modern botanical chemistry, Joseph Pelletier and Joseph Bienaimé Caventou. The french duo were pioneers in the use of mild solvents to isolate active ingredients from plants.”

Their products are manufactured in Miami, Florida.

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What are the Benefits of the Best Olive Leaf Extract Supplements?

Many know the olive tree for its fruit and numerous health applications. However, its leaves are also gaining ground for their potential health benefits.

The leaves can be sold as-is or extracted in capsules, soft gels, powder, tinctures, and consumed as supplements. But what exactly are the benefits you can derive from the best olive leaf extract supplements?


Olive leaf is showing excellent potential at helping controlling type 2 diabetes.

Studies done on animals show it reduces their digestion of starch and its absorption in their bodies. That suggests it may be terrific in regulating blood glucose levels in humans or even prevent the disease from taking hold.

There was also independent research on olive leaf extracts in treating diabetes. Subjects with type 2 diabetes who participated received either olive leaf extracts or placebos for a programmed period.

Those who received the extracts showed marked improvement in their blood sugar levels compared to those in the control group.


In a study done on rats in 2015, olive leaf extracts lowered overall cholesterol levels, notably “bad cholesterol” HDL.

Rats that received the extract and those given regular medication showed substantial improvement compared to the control group that didn’t receive any treatment.

In the same year, there was research where volunteers who suffered from hypertension received oleuropein olive leaf extracts. By the end of it, not only did it reduce their blood pressure significantly, but also their triglyceride and LDL levels.

High Blood Pressure

Besides other factors, such as obesity, diabetes, and smoking, high cholesterol is another one that can cause hypertension.

In European studies in 2016, 60 volunteers with stage one hypertension received either olive leaf extracts or a placebo for six weeks.

Results showed considerable reductions in total cholesterol, including LDL and blood pressure for those who took the supplements.

Provides a Boost to the Immune System

Although research is limited to cell cultures , olive leaf extract proved effective against influenza, mononucleosis, rotavirus, and herpes . However, there’s still no research done to validate such benefits on humans.

Who Should Buy Olive Leaf Extract Supplements?

Obese People

High cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity often go hand in hand. The best olive leaf extract supplements can help deal with cholesterol linked to high blood pressure.

Check our TDEE Calculator to check your Ideal Weight.

People Who Suffer from Hypertension

People with high cholesterol, particularly those with increased LDL and triglycerides, tend to have high blood pressure. Regularly taking olive leaf extract supplements may reduce the blood’s overall cholesterol levels, including HDL and triglycerides.

People with Type 2 Diabetes

According to clinical studies done on animals and humans, olive leaf extracts may reduce the digestion of starch, so the body absorbs less glucose. It leads to the reduction of blood sugar, which is beneficial for those with type 2 diabetes.

How Do I Pick the Best Olive Leaf Extract Supplements?

Ideally, you’d pick one with at least 18% oleuropein, which is the most beneficial substance in the extract. However, it’s not as straightforward as that.

You also have to look at the extracted content in milligrams to determine the oleuropein’s actual weight. 20% of 500mg would mean 100mg of oleuropein content. Sometimes, there’s no indication of this on the label, so you have to be wary.

50-100mg is sufficient for most needs. Anything less would mean additional doses per day. Also, choose companies that have certified GMP manufacturing facilities.

You should take a close look at the ingredients used to ensure they’re non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). Don’t get those with artificial materials and preservatives, and go for 100% vegetable to be safe.

Ensure they’re free of gluten and soy. Choose only those with hypoallergenic ingredients to avoid any complications.

Side Effects

Although there are no well-documented side effects in using olive leaf extract, some people had headaches, upset stomach, or felt dizzy after taking the supplements.

Women must never use it while they are nursing or pregnant. Diabetic people using insulin should avoid the product. It’s also inadvisable for use by those with low blood pressure.

Stop taking it and consult your doctor as soon as you feel any ill side effects.

Recommended Dosage

Although there aren’t any official guidelines on dosing, research suggests that 500-1,000mg per day is sufficient. However, you have to consider the percentage of the oleuropein content and its weight in milligrams.

Often, the manufacturer divides the serving 2-3 times daily after meals or with water. It’s best to follow the recommended servings and any warnings on the label.


What is olive leaf extract?

The extract from olive leaves isn’t the same as olive oil. There’s an active component in it called oleuropein, which provides the most benefit.

Oleuropein is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Research results show it can also reduce cholesterol and blood sugar.

Is olive leaf extract safe?

As long as you take it within 500-1000 mg, it should be fine.

However, pregnant or nursing moms, are hypoglycemic or have low blood pressure shouldn’t use olive leaf extracts.

How do you take olive leaf extract?

Typically, companies that sell them have recommended dosages on their bottle’s label. It will tell you how many capsules you can take per day.

Your best bet would be to ask your doctor.

How do you store olive leaf extract properly?

It’s best to store a bottle somewhere cool and dark such as a ref or cupboard. Doing so would help prolong the capsules’ shelf life and maintain their quality and potency.


There’s still too little research to validate the claims on all the health benefits derived from olive leaf extracts. After all, it’s still considered a dietary supplement by the FDA and not a medicine.

Nevertheless, studies have demonstrated its potency in reducing cholesterol and blood glucose and its anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s also proper to point out that users who buy these products consistently give them high marks. It means that the supplements are working for them and helping with their health issues.

That’s why take it from those buyers and purchase only the best olive leaf extracts supplements. If it could work for you, then why not?

However, no one should use it for self-treatment instead of seeking standard medical care. Moreover, you must consult with your doctor first before purchasing or using any of them.

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Ash, ACE, MScAsh, ACE, MSc
Ash, ACE, MSc
Ash is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). She holds B.A. in biology from Rutgers, and M.S. in Exercise Science (Kinesiology) from CBU.

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